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THE SCOTTISH Borders were fought over from Roman times until the mid-17th century and there is much evidence for this in the border pele towers and battle sites. With the coming of peace, border towns prospered with weaving, tweed, knitwear and of course, tourism. The neighbouring Lothian region anciently extended as far south as the Tweed, but now stretches from north of the Lammermuir Hills to the shores of the Forth. Lothian is thought to be a name of Welsh origin, as the early inhabitants of the region were Welsh speaking Britons such as the Votadini tribe of Roman times. Many ancient forts from that distant era have been identified throughout the region including one where Edinburgh Castle stands today. In the seventh century the Lothians were captured by the Northumbrians but from 957 AD it was held by a series of Scottish kings. Over the centuries the Lothians have come to be dominated by the city of Edinburgh, the Scottish capital, which is located right at the heart of the Midlothian region.