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DUMFRIES and Galloway is a part of Scotland too often overlooked by visitors as they hurry northwards to better known tourist destinations. Perhaps because of this, South-West Scotland still has unspoiled charm and miles of quiet roads to set off the many attractions of its scenery. Past and present come together, to give the region its distinctive timeless character. The ruins of once powerful castles and abbeys stand beside tranquil modern villages. Colourful figures from the past like Robert Bruce, Mary Queen of Scots and Robert Burns came and went where the everyday life of the twentieth century still runs on its cheerful, if usually less eventful, course. It is not hard to see why Dumfries and Galloway is sometimes described as Scotland in Miniature. The scenery offers tremendous variety; lonely moorland, busy market towns; rocky coves and inlets, great sweeps of tidal sand; high and rugged mountains, gentle rolling farmland; the calm water of estuary and loch; the restless, tumbling currents of rivers and burns.