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CUMBRIA is the name given to the old counties of Cumberland and Westmorland with small corners of old Lancashire and Yorkshire thrown in to taste. Cumbria's attractions are of the natural kind, dominated by mountains and lakes, but nestling in between are busy little towns swarming with back-packers, day-trippers and water sports fanatics. Most visitors to Cumbria come for the scenery, rather than the history, but in historical terms Cumbria is very ancient indeed. Ancient monuments like Castlerigg and Long Meg demonstrate mysterious origins, while the very name Cumbria remembers the Cymru or Welsh-Celtic speakers of old. Today Celtic place names survive in Cumbria alongside the Thwaites, Becks and Fells of the later Viking era. Cumbria's proximity to Scotland has also been of importance, particularly to the growth of the great stronghold of Carlisle, which developed from a fort on Hadrian's Wall. In more modern times Cumbria has largely escaped the industrial developments of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, except in coastal towns like Workington, Whitehaven and Barrow.